Wig Illusions & Mastectomy Boutique

Situated right next to Sal's Meats in Manalapan, NJ lies the Wig Illusions & Mastectomy Boutique. Based on the window display I am guessing that they sell wigs for cancer patients. What I fail to understand is the second part of the name. Do they preform mastectomies on location? What service does one in expect in a mastectomy boutique vs. a regular mastectomy joint? 

Based on the sign's lettering, the wigs are the key part of their business. I wonder if they do the mastectomy while the customer waits for the wig to be styled...

I really shouldn't be using anything with the word mastectomy in it as funny fodder for my blog but I just couldn't pass this one up. Is it in bad taste?

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