Five Moments

In the 5/10 issue of Esquire photographer Ben Baker has a six page spread titled 5 Moments: A group portrait of five ages in the lives of women. When I looked up Baker I was surprised to recognize his group images from Fortune. You may be able to see the spread here.

Olivia Locher, a 19-year-old New York based photographer from Johnstown, Pennsylvania had this to say about being 18: Being 18 is wild! This year I became an adult. I moved from a small town in Pennsylvania to New York City. Like, I have my own apartment. That's sort of mind-blowing to me.

Luz Pavon, a presumably 18-year-old designer says: I want to become a millionaire. I want to be famous. I want to have my clothing line everywhere.

Of the 18-year-olds I liked Kelley McNutt's answer: Your questions are silly.

The first 27-year-old is Kathryn Allawala, a Research Associate who passed herself off as an Editor: The best thing: 75 percent of doors are open. The worst thing: 25 percent are closed.

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